Contact High

Tonight, this blog (incase you can’t read titles, HAUTECULTOURE) went live (PAAAARTY) and I was all like, “Omgz! Shameless self promotion everywhere!” So I shamelessly self promoted all over that thing called Facebook, and then I was like, “Omgz! I gotta check Facebook and see what all my acquaintances think!”

This commenced an evening of non-stop Facebook checking followed by the “Facebook sucks” mood followed by that feeling that I should be doing my work, you know the drill.

WHICH GOT ME THINKING: there is a really great song by Allen Stone about being obsessed with constant contact. When he sings, “I fell for it too…whatever keeps you occupied, whatever gives you contact high, whatever keeps you busy, baby, will never make you satisfied,” I feel a LITTLE LESS BAD about being a Facebook junkie and for shamelessly self promoting. Because Allen Stone FELL FOR IT TOO!

Also, how cool is his hair.

Also, how cool is his VOICE?! Give that shit a good listen.

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