Justin, You Tease

Justin, You Tease

It has been confirmed by the holy Grammy Gods (read: twitter) that our beloved JT (Justin Timberlake, if you live in a hole) will be performing at the Grammy Awards this February. Let’s just take a moment to freak the fuck out.





Need one more?



Okay, enough. Like you, I’m a Sexyback-dancin’ Cry-Me-A-River-lovin’ JT fanatic. Don’t lie, I know you’ve been there. It’s natural to freak out, considering his last performance on the Grammy stage was in 2007. (Perspective: Kim Kardashian was still Paris Hilton’s unknown tagalong and Rihanna and Chris Brown were just in a budding romance). And that Grammy performance was good. Really good. So what did JT do? Like all men, he just LEFT US HANGIN. While Justin became an “actor” during his little self-indulgent music hiatus, all us Timberliebers were like, “Cool, you can play a douchebag on the big screen (see: the Facebook movie and that movie with Amanda Seyfried that no one saw), but that’s not nearly as hot as serenading me with a piano and that sly, sly voice of yours.” Basically, JT played the hard-to-get card.

And that shit worked.

His new album is one of the most highly anticipated of the year, and his new single Suit and Tie had record-breaking sales (despite the fact that, well, it sucked). I truly believe that if Justin had released Suit and Tie in 2008 when he was just coming off his “FutureSex LoveSounds” high, nobody would have given a shit. But now, NOW, we’re all hungry dogs drooling at a piece of dangling raw meat. At this point he could release an auto-tuned version of The Thong Song and I’m pretty damn sure he would still break record sales (although now that I think about it, that sounds hilarious and I would absolutely buy Justin Timberlake’s auto-tuned version of The Thong Song).

Justin, I know you brought SexyBack. We all know what you’re capable of. So no more of this Suit and Tie bullshit. It’s time for you to bring JustinBack.

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