Soul Sistah: Solange

Everybody knows that it’s Beyonce’s world and we’re just living in it. We’ve covered all the major marks of 2013, Year Of the Beyonce (except, maybe, her documentary. Go watch that). We have yet to uncover, however, the underground world that is Solange Knowles – Beyonce’s fierce Indie sistah with a whoole lotta woman (actually, she really is a lot like Foxxy Cleopatra).

Let’s take a look:

Ever wonder what Beyonce’s natural hair colour is? Something along the lines of fierce.

I don’t know if Beyonce could rock an afro. Who am I kidding, Beyonce could absolutely rock an afro, but I don’t know if she would ever have the Solange-balls to do it (not to mention in yellow couture).

Think Blue Ivy is cute? Um HELLOO, have you seen Julez?

Have you seen Julez with Jay Z?

Pretty fucking cute.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dance along with Beyonce’s music videos and do it right and look good? No you haven’t, because you can’t, because it’s impossible. But Solange, SOLANGE, she knows how to rock a mean step-and-snap! You may never rock a pantsuit like Solange, but at least you can dance along with a small inch of dignity.

Solange is like your best friend who’s a little bit lot cooler than you, but she still talks to you because she’s also cool enough not to give a shit. For example, have you heard of Dancing Phil? He’s fabulous. This is him dancing with a few backup cheerleaders to Losing You by Solange in the middle of busy Toronto intersection Bay and Bloor:

This is Phil when he got CALLED UP TO DANCE ON STAGE WITH SOLANGE when she played in Toronto in February:

Just Solange doing a solid for a fan/fellow human.

Listen, it’s silly to do what I’m doing and compare Solange and Beyonce, because they are two separate entities. I only do this so that you can understand how fucking cool Solange is (because let’s be real, she’s cooler than Beyonce, and it takes a whole lot of cool to be cooler than Beyonce. Ice cold, baby). If Beyonce is God, Solange is that amazing Frozen Yogurt you had yesterday. One is untouchable, and one is fucking cool. Both are amazing. Now go watch the music video for Losing You and dance your fucking heart out.


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