The Many Faces Of Kristen Stewart

The Many Faces Of Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is one of the most versatile actors of our generation. She can play so many different characters: (in no particular order) the moody teenager who falls in love with a vampire, a moody Joan Jett, a moody teenager in Into The Wild, a moody teenager in a bad movie with Seth Cohen – you get the picture. She’s super talented (read: I FUCKING HATE KRISTEN STEWART.)

One of the reasons she rocks so much is her ever-emotive face.

She can be surprised:

She can be overjoyed:

She can be sad:

She can be frightened:

She most CERTAINLY can be constipated:

She can be flirty (thirty, and thriving):

Basically she has it all.

She also somehow managed to snag the most attractive (read: equally dull) man in hollywood, and everyone could tell that they really loved each other.

Especially when she did this:

And this:

And a whole lot more that I never want to see in print.

While Kristen is an extraordinary actress, we all know that she has one special quality, that “X-Factor” as Simon Cowell would say, that truly sets her apart from the “regular” celebrities of today.

She has an impeccable ability to shower.


3 thoughts on “The Many Faces Of Kristen Stewart

  1. She’s really good in Twilight. Her expressions and the whole body language thing is quite interesting and gives her an ability to draw in the audience.

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